The Stupidity Quotient by Ioannis Alexiadis

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The concept of human stupidity has long been explored in literature, with Carlo Cipolla's 'Basic Laws of Human Stupidity' providing a framework for defining stupidity. However, this raises the question: just how stupid is a person? By understanding the stupidity quotient, readers gain valuable insights into how to interact with individuals who exhibit various forms of idiocy. The stupidity quotient offers a fresh perspective that will prove invaluable in navigating the complexities of dealing with stupid people.
The stupidity quotient (SQ), which we represent with the symbol β, expresses the ratio of internal damage caused to external damage caused. It is not a hierarchical measure but serves to divide idiots into different categories. With a small β, the stupid person mainly harms himself and people in his immediate environment. If β is large, other people carry the main damage and the responsible person gets off lightly.

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Inspiration & Lindy Filter

This book brings two lindy ideas together, namely Cippolas stupidity principles and Talebs Skin in the Game Filter and tries to merge them finding a new way assessing your peers.

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