Book Award Authors: Erudition

Why scholars are so important

The big problem with bullshit can be seen in Brandolini's Law: It takes more energy to refute bullshit than to produce it. An ordinary person does not have enough time and mental resources to delve deeply into the subject matter because they would have to read hundreds, if not thousands, of books to get a picture of a subject. You can't become an expert everywhere, but you have to make a decision. History, medicine, statistics, in everyday life we are confronted with all these things, but we have neither the time to study literature in a reasonable depth, nor to gain experience ourselves. In such a situation, we have to decide whom to put our trust in. Who is right? So you have to be able to tell who is a scholar and who is not. The scholar is like a bullshit filter. You don't always have to agree with his ideas and conclusions, but due to his broad fund of knowledge he immediately recognizes if someone is talking bullshit. The scholar saves you a lot of time and mental resources when you want to look deeper into a topic. Once you have identified scholars, they help you locate other scholars.

List of Scholars

Some scholars who wrote great books are listed below. Click on the names to see their most important books.

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